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03. Child-Related Matters

Child-Related Matters

We strive to find solutions to the problems faced by our clients, and that includes legal matters involving children, even when not related to divorce or separation.  We are experienced in counseling individuals and families with concerns about custody, parenting time, visitation, child support, guardianship, relocation, grandparents’ rights, and paternity.

If you would like to receive personalized information about any of these types of matters, please contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.

Legal Definitions

What does "custody" of a child mean?

Legal custody of a child deals with who has legal authority over a child. For example, joint custody means that two parents both have decision-making authority over a child together. Joint custody does not define the schedule of time with the child. The schedule (and the residence) of the child is usually referred to as "residential" or "physical" custody, and can be whatever arrangement fits the best interest of that child.

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