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Getting Started

 Initial Consultation

For all types of matters, we begin with an initial consultation. There is no charge for this meeting, and it is confidential whether or not you decide to move forward afterward. We usually find it easier to share information in person, but we also can begin by phone. If you have scheduled a telephone appointment, please complete the intake form below. 

You should contact us to arrange the appointment before submitting this form.

You do not need to complete it if you will be meeting us in person.

 Personalized Advice

About our intake form

We realize it may feel unsettling to tell a stranger your personal information. However, we are required to ask some details, and more importantly for you, the details help us to give you better advice. If your first meeting is at our office you do not need to prepare anything. If you have scheduled your first meeting by telephone, please continue below and complete as much of the intake form as makes you comfortable. Please keep in mind that the more you complete, the more informative your appointment will be. Your responses will be kept confidential whether or not you choose to hire us after the first consultation, as we are required by law to do.

Intake Form

Your Personal Data

Spouse or Other Party's Personal Data

Other Information

Is There A Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement?
Is There A Separation Agreement?

Matter Information

Are You Interested In Mediation?
Have You Been Served With Legal Papers?

Thank you for submitting.

What's Next

We look forward to speaking with you.

Ms. Nelson will review your submission prior to your telephone appointment. When you speak, she will ask you some follow up questions and give you an overview of New York law as it applies to you. She will ask you about your goals and suggest things to think about as you consider your next steps. You will have an opportunity to ask her questions, and at the end of the meeting she will estimate the legal fees for your matter.

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